Artist:       Rachel Neville    @rachelnevillephoto |    Dancer:    Sasha Hutchings @sashahutchings

Artist: Rachel Neville @rachelnevillephoto | Dancer: Sasha Hutchings @sashahutchings


Every day it seems to get worse. The news enrages us, Twitter demoralizes us. We yell and scream into the void, hold up signs, retweet until our thumbs are sore. But let’s face it—we’re not doing enough.

We’ve got to do more than talk and tweet. We’ve got to vote. And we have to get our friends to vote, our neighbors, and everyone we know to vote. Even people who’ve lost faith in the system must vote. There’s no time to waste—the midterm elections are November 6, 2018.

There’s an urgent need for all of us to speak up, to shout out at the top of our creative lungs, and make art that changes minds.


If we don’t get out and vote in record numbers in November, we’re screwed. Immigrants are screwed, children are screwed, women, people with disabilities, people of color, the LGBTQIA community is screwed. We're all screwed.


We’re not asking for money or for allegiance to a particular candidate. Instead, we need you to make images that will move people to feel, to act, and most importantly, to vote in the midterm elections on November 6. This time, we won’t let our silence decide who wins elections.

Use your art to disrupt, use your voice to help others break their silence. Make the world take notice when we stand together and refuse to be ignored.

Art can change the way people think. It can also move people to vote.


A small and growing group of us have been inspired by the work of local NY photographer Rachel Neville. We accept her challenge. We commit to MOVE the VOTE

Will you commit to MOVE the VOTE? Will you make art that shouts out: "I will not be silent anymore?" Challenge everyone you know to join this fight. Spread the word. We need thousands, even hundreds of thousands of voices, to MOVE the VOTE on November 6. 

You can make a difference. Will you join us?



Creative Call to Arms



Creative Call to Arms

Project:  MOVE the VOTE

Challenge: Tell the world what moves you to vote & get everyone you know to do the same.

  • Create an image, video, or series for social media

  • In your copy, share why you are moved to vote in the upcoming midterms

  • Post your image(s) to your own Instagram or other social accounts

  • Tag @movethevote, use the hashtag #movethevote and add the URL

  • Tag three friends and ask them to join the challenge!

To align with our inspiration, you may choose to include the color red.

Timing: For all of us, the most vital deadline is to get the word out before the midterm elections, November 6!

This is an example of one artist’s answer to the challenge.     Artist:    Rachel Neville @rachelnevillephoto     Dancer:    Lily Wills @lil.willard

This is an example of one artist’s answer to the challenge.
Artist: Rachel Neville @rachelnevillephoto
Dancer: Lily Wills @lil.willard


Today, we’re counting on you to be the spark that helps this movement catch fire.


By participating in the MOVE the VOTE project, you give MOVE the VOTE permission to repost and share your credited image(s) on MOVE The VOTE social channels and affiliated websites.